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Anonymous asked: So I was thinking about getting a tattoo- somewhere along the lines of "rise above it". I'm suffering from a panic disorder and these words always help me when I have an attack.. So where do you reckon it'd be a good place to get them tattood so that I can look at them at pretty much all times?

My first tattoo is for a similar reason. If you want it seen at all times, the forearm or wrist is a sure bet. It would probably look really neat along your collarbone as well but it would be harder to see.

Anonymous asked: Hi! I am a girl wondering if placing quotes/lyrics on my upper thigh is a good idea. Do you have any examples??

I’m biased, I absolutely love thigh tattoos. I have one and I adore the way it looks under dresses and shorts. Just understand that like all tattoos it will sag and stretch with your body but it happens and it’s okay. If you’re comfortable with that idea, go for it! I’ll post a photoset for you.

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