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Gaming Week!

Lately, my boyfriend and I have been discussing the idea of getting a few video game tattoos. Video games have been a huge part of our lives since we were kids and since he is leaving this weekend to start a new chapter of his life, I thought I would dedicate this week to posting some mad cool gaming tats. If you find any really sweet ones that you would like to submit, feel free!

Until then…let me geek out a little. 

Anonymous asked: Hi! I was wondering how can you tell if a tattoo shop is LEGIT. Like if they'll do lovely masterpieces and stuff? That's my one true fear, because I don't want to live with a tattoo I'll despise. Also, how can you design a tattoo, if you have no art skills, like myself? :/ I have all these cool ideas, but can't properly draw them. Thanks so much for reading and answering xoxoxo you're gorgeous btw absolutely stunning <3

Well thanks! And let me tell you, I share that same fear with you. My first tattoo didn’t come out so well and I’ll tell you my fatal flaw: I settled. I didn’t ask around much about the artwork that came out of the shop and I just wanted my first tattoo done and out of the way. You have to ask around. Look at online reviews, visit the shop, view the artist’s portfolios, learn the reputation of that shop inside and out. If the shop doesn’t meet your standards, keep looking. Often times you will have to go out of town and sometimes out of state to get the artwork that you want. And it’ll be expensive. But being picky will pay off and you will be so in love with your ink as long as you don’t settle.

As far as designing a tattoo goes, make friends with an artist! Tattoo artists (good ones, at least) are there to help you through the entire process, including the design. Find an artist you’re comfortable with and tell them your ideas. They can sketch something out for you and you can adjust it how you please.

burnt-siennaandcocoapowder asked: I was wondering if you did some designs. My friend is planning on getting her apprenticeship at the end of next year and needs free models so I volunteered. I have a concept but I wanted to know if you could put your own spin on it.

I’ll be honest, I’m a pretty mediocre artist. But I have several friends who are amazing artists and graphic designers. If you want to send it to me in my submission box, I would be more than happy to see what they could do with it.

Anonymous asked: Hey so I want to get a purple ribbon (suicide awareness) on my ribs but I have fairly dark skin. Do you have any brands/types of ink you'd recommend that would stay longer? Or is it a lost cause?

I’ve seen a lot of people with darker skin have some really gorgeous color tattoos. It won’t be so much about the ink as it will be about how your design is planned out and your artist’s knowledge of tattooing darker skin. I’ll link you to this really useful website on it! Just make sure your artist knows what they’re doing so that you’ll get the best results.

maeblogsfandoms asked: I was wondering what the least painful place to get a tattoo was? I'm currently too young to get one but for future refrence

I typically refer people to the “Tattoo Pain Chart” that I posted a while back (I’ll post it again and tag you). But I’ll tell you right now: don’t worry about the pain! It’s all about where your tattoo will look best and make you happiest! People worry about tattoo pain all the time and forget that the end result is this gorgeous piece of artwork they get to keep forever. As I’ve said before, people have different pain tolerances but tattoos really aren’t that bad. My first one was on my ribs and I almost passed out from nervousness BEFORE the appointment only to get there and realize it was totally manageable! 

I just got done watching a ton of Game Grumps as well as Markiplier’s Charity Livestream so I queued up an entire weeks worth of gaming and Pokemon tattoos for next week.

So I’m apologizing ahead of time.

a-cleverer-url asked: Hey, are the pictures that you post yours? Especially the marauder's map one. I-um saw the wrist of the picture and I was wondering if you were okay/ if I could get the image source and check on them. Sorry to bother you, just checking up

A lot of the photos I use are not mine, just things I find that I think are unique and worth sharing. Unfortunately it would take a lot of link tracing to get back to whoever posted that. It’s very sweet of you to be concerned! I’m sure that person is alright, otherwise I don’t think they would be as comfortable sharing that photo. 

And as random as this seems, this goes out to all of my followers: if you are ever struggling with any sort of self harm issue, I am always here to talk. A lot of people have gone through that struggle, myself included, and can assure you that it gets better. There is a link to my personal blog on my tattooidea page if any of you ever need advice or somebody to talk to.

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